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Sun Protection FAQ


This new tech lightweight UPF50+ microfibre fabric is woven in a way  that is designed not only to give you in-built UPF50+ sun protection (ie no added chemicals!) but to keep you cool , dry and comfortable.  This breathable mesh construction has a moisture wicking system that rapidly absorbs the perspiration from your body not only to keep you dryer but it creates your own personal ‘air conditioning’  system even in the most hot and humid conditions!! In addition the antimicrobial properties help sanitise and minimise odour.  Being lightweight, incredibly durable and quick-drying it is the perfect fabric to keep you and your family protected from the harsh Australian sun.

All our fabrics are independently tested by ARPANSA to AUS/NZ S 4399 (UV protection) and 4602 standards (Hi-Vis protection).

To get the same UV protection (UPF50+) from a cotton fabric the cotton density (weight) needs to be very heavy and/or chemicals added to the finished garment (this can cause skin irritation). This in turn compromises the strength of the natural fibre and airflow. In hot and humid conditions, the cotton garment becomes clammy, heavier, and wetter and ultimately more uncomfortable! Because cotton is a natural substance, the fibres tend to breakdown quicker with each wash therefore reducing the UV protection. Most lightweight cotton garments have an approx. UV rating of only 5 – this means that the UV rays can easily penetrate the garment and cause sunburn to the wearer and reduces a further 50% when wet!!

Think UV not heat.

UV radiation is not related to how hot or cold it is. You can still get burnt on cool or cloudy days. Glare from the water or snow can also cause severe sunburn.  Be aware and check UV levels before heading outdoors.

Naturally darker skin consists of  higher  levels of melatonin, which provides a natural protection for UV radiation. However, darker skin does have less ability to create vitamin D.  Vitamin D is a hormone that  is made in our bodies when our skin is exposed to UV  and is essential for strong bones, muscles and overall health which is required to protect and maintain healthy skin. Caution is still required when exposed to UV rays as skin cancers can still occur and could be more dangerous as they are usually detected at a later stage. 

Wear loose long sleeve shirts, pants, sun-glasses and broad rimmed hats * Apply SPF50+ sunscreen every 2-3 hours * Stay out of direct sun between 10am and 3pm.

We have a web site that you can use if you would prefer to pay in US dollars. It is restricted so that items will only be shipped to the USA and Canada. If you would like your products shipped to another country please contact us and we can arrange that for you. Just click on the following link if you would like to pay using US dollars sunprotectionclothingusa.com

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